jueves, 27 de junio de 2013


i/we havent stop! 
after deparing Rhode Island south bound we have not stoped. well, we actuaty have.
we did a quick stop in Bermuda, then headed to the BVIs tortola for a few weeks, then Dominican Republic, after we had a sweet sail down to Panama, one week and a half and then headed to Galapagos. we stay there fro almost 3 months and then sail to costa rica. now i have a quick visit back in Ecuador.

life is good when you see the good side of it. makes sence doesnt it?

 clean the rig! GALP
 pico, camila, diego and an early bicke ride. cerro mesa, sta cruz
 baltra y santa cruz
 en el ala
 enel ala, texas usa
 sierra con monchito
 quito, capital ecu
 smililing, quito
 chito monchito quito
 segunda calle salinas
 mas ala, sierra ecu
                             san olguin, la tierra de los hornados y helados paila. valle, sierra
 san olguin, sierra ecu
 via gafas
 san olguin. el apellido church!

miércoles, 6 de febrero de 2013


YES, and we finally made it out of the cold, dock lines off the dock, and fishing gear ready. January 10th, lets call it winter time! yes we got some fish, couple days with great wind going up to 14 knots. Josefina (sailboat) was feeling good again after seating for too long, the crew was getting salty again after seating for too long. the energy of who we lost was felt in the air, the mystery whale follow us starboard to for a little bit after checking our lure for too long, the stars where bright because we had no moon light, the watches were share with smiles day and night, the dreams finally become normal with an angled bunk.

It was a pleasant sail with light winds all the way from Newport to Tortola with a stop in Bermuda, almost 1400 n.miles




sábado, 5 de enero de 2013

still up north

Y seguimos en el norte, Newport Rhode Island USA.
El clima ha cambiado, tenemos hielo en cubierta, el agua fresca se congela aunque el sol le de directo. Ahora solo esperando por una buena ventana del clima y de ahi zarparemos al sur

Los dos primeros dias van a ser bien frios, FACT. No son muchos los veleros que en esta epoca del anio navegan al sur. Es helado y las ventanas son muy cortas

looking forward for a pretty down wind sail all the way to Tortola in the BVIs 

miércoles, 14 de noviembre de 2012


so here we are, working hard and living hard in the cold weather of Maine. soon come the day we depart and to the clear worm  water of the good Caribbean we will arrive.

Here a few pictures of the foreign family i have and the way we are living life, a little bit of ocean and pavement 

The Egg Oh